CFRW President
 Barbara Buxton

​What a great January meeting! Thank you David Hagy for discussing the high speed rail plans from Houston to Dallas. People who take that route regularly should certainly benefit as well as occasional travelers who can just enjoy letting someone else do the driving.

Our second speaker was Justice Brett Busby, 14th Court of Appeals. He tutored us on how to vet judicial candidates as they cannot always answer the same questions as other candidates. This lesson came at a very opportune time! We must return our qualified judges to office and the information he shared should help us determine who is meets the standard.

Do you know who you are going to vote for in the 2018 Republican Primary? Do you know who the candidates are? Do you know when and where to vote? Are you new to our area and need to register? These questions must be answered soon because March 6 is Election Day for the Texas Republican Primary. To have the best possible candidates to run in the November General Election, we must choose the best of the best running in the Primary.

Be cautious of “pay to play” endorsement mailers! Attend local candidate forums so that you hear answers to the questions asked. Go to the candidates’ websites and read their resumes and how they stand on issues. Attend Cy-Fair Republican Women Meetings and talk to politically active people about their knowledge of each candidate. Check the candidate’s voting record if they have one! After you make an informed decision, share with your family, friends and neighbors and then take yourself and a few others to the polls on March 6. You can also vote early at numerous locations or by mail if you qualify. Go to to get details.
At the February meeting, CFRW will have copies of early voting locations and other helpful election information. You can sign up for the meeting at 

Below is the process that you follow to be part of the state platform adoption body and to choose our state party leaders:

There will be a Precinct Convention on March 6 at each polling location immediately after the polls close and usually at your polling location. In order to attend your Senatorial District Convention on March 24, you need to attend this Precinct Convention and get on the delegate list. At the Senatorial District Convention (these are held in various area locations which are determined by the Senate District you vote in), the delegates to the Texas Republican Party Convention will be chosen. The 2018 RPT Convention will be in San Antonio in June.  
Let’s get informed and get out the vote!


Barbara Buxton 

All Republican candidates are invited to provide information about upcoming campaign activities and events and we will be happy to publish details. This is not a club endorsement, club president endorsement or campaign chair endorsement, only candidate information to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice.

Solicitations made by Federal candidates and officeholders at events are limited by Federal law. The Federal candidates and officeholders speaking tonight are soliciting only donations of up to $2,400 from individuals and up to $5,000 from multi-candidate political committees. They are not soliciting donations in any amount from corporations, labor organizations, national banks, Federal contractors, or foreign nationals.
February 2018