CFRW President
 Barbara Buxton

Can it really be April already? Seems we went from New Year’s Day to Easter at “warp” speed. I have been given an explanation why time seems to pass faster at different stages of our lives and it has something to do with aging so we will not go there!  

Instead, let’s recap the year so far and see what may be ahead. In January and February, we attended many candidate forums, did our research and voted and worked in the Primary Election on March 6. Following that, we participated in our Precinct Conventions and Senate District Conventions. 

Next up is the Texas Federation of Republican Women Board of Directors Meeting in Austin, April 13-14. Guests are always welcome and you can get registration information at 

The Uniform Election on May 5 is when many local political subdivisions, such as cities, school districts, and water districts have their regular general elections for members of their governing bodies or special elections to fill vacancies. Then, there is the very important Republican Primary Run-Off Election on May 22. Can we rest now? 

Well, no, now we will be attending the Republican Party of Texas Convention June 14-16 in San Antonio because there is work to be done on the State Republican Platform and we need to elect SREC members, our Texas National Committeewoman and Committeeman and the RPT Chair. Sounds like we are going to be busy! Of course, there will also be some great opportunities to network with the candidates and officials and visit with our friends and relatives from across the great State of Texas. Even if you aren’t a Delegate or an Alternate from your Senate District, you can attend as a guest or volunteer and still benefit from the experience. Details at: 

Finally, we come home to rest – uh, no again – there’s a very important General Election on November 6 so just keep those running shoes on and let’s help our candidates win their races by getting out the Republican Voters!  

November 7, now we can celebrate and, get ready for the holidays knowing we were part of the VICTORY! 


Barbara Buxton 

April 2018