CFRW President
Gail Schubot
Dear CFRW members and friends: 

​We’ve spent the last eight months growing our club membership and getting to know each other on spectacular trips and at meetings and conferences. We’ve studied community and state needs along with local issues through our speakers and committee reports. We’ve been informed of the current state of the Republican Party in Texas and Harris County by party leaders and independent authorities.

We’ve trained to become volunteer deputy registrars. We’ve enhanced our skills to maximize the effectiveness of our club through TFRW and GHC seminars and workshops. We have developed a communication system through our phones, email, website, other social media, and face-to-face so as to keep our organization up to date and informed.

NOW it is time, and Cy-Fair Republican Women are ready for the critical work that must be taken over the next 10 months –all leading up to the November 2020 election. We need to reelect Republicans at all levels of government, and we need to win back the offices and positions lost in 2016. (Our local baseball team is not the only one striving to “Take It Back”!)

How you ask?

1.Funding. We need everyone to support our efforts with our High Heels and High Tea fundraiser. This is our one big biennial effort to amass funds for our candidates for legislative, judiciary and executive and administrative positions. Come to the event. Encourage friends and acquaintances to come. Help us grow our contributions so we may, in turn, support Republican campaigns.

2.Outreach. Help us register new voters and connect with existing voters to get everyone engaged in supporting GOP campaigns and turning out to vote. For this we need fingers, feet and voices to call, text, write, block walk, speak out and show up. Through club events and tapping into GOP state and county efforts you will be hearing more and more of when and where we need to be to help in the election.

3.Continue your support of CFRW and boost your involvement as much as possible. It makes a big difference to our new members how many attendees they see at our meetings! Officers and committee chairs are not intended to work on projects solo – offer to help with specific projects. Remain welcoming, interested and supportive of all you interact with inside and outside the club. We are all a reflection of the principals we stand for and the party we represent.

Our core message to all those we meet has got to be “It’s time to take a stand.” We see and hear everyday the threats encroaching on our country, our Constitution, our democracy. And if we are to be sincere in challenging others, our own dedication must shine through.  


Gail Schubot
President, Cy-Fair Republican Women
Telephone: 713-306-0507

If there is candidate information in this publication, it is not an endorsement by Cy-Fair Republican Women, the CFRW President or the CFRW Campaign Chair. CFRW’s involvement is to provide candidate information to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice.

Political advertising paid for by Cy-Fair Republican Women PAC, Pat Baughman, PAC Treasurer, 9111 Belton Bend Court, Cypress, TX 77433. Contributions are not federal tax deductible as charitable contributions. Corporate Contributions Are Not Permitted


Please mark the following dates and events on your calendar. Each activity and event help advance our mission. (And be sure to record your hours associated with your activities!)

September 3: RSVP deadline for CFRW September 10 luncheon meeting. Go to to complete the online reservation.

September 5: High Heels and High Tea Committee Meeting @ 10 a.m. @ Darcy Mingoia’s.

September 10: CFRW luncheon monthly meeting at Hearthstone Country Club beginning at 10:30 a.m. Speaker: Freddy Warner of Memorial Hermann Health System “Can’t Put a Band Aid on It … So What is the Answer”. Caring for America: Please bring individual packages of CEREAL and FRUIT SNACKS to be donated to Cy-Hope for the children of Cy-Fair.

September 12: CFRW bus trip to Bush Library and to lay a wreath at the Bush gravesite. 

September 19: CFRW Board Meeting @ 11 a.m. @ Hearthstone.

September 26: High Heels and High Tea Committee Meeting @ 10 a.m. @ Darcy Mingoia’s.

October 3-5: TFRW Convention in Galveston. Time to register to attend and volunteer to help. Our own Micheline Hutson is in charge of the “Meet & Greet” event on October 3 and will need help on October 2 & 3. Info and forms can be found at

October 25: CFRW High Heels and Tea Fundraiser Luncheon at Champions Golf Club at 11 a.m.

December 15: CFRW Christmas Social at Hearthstone Country Club 6 – 9 p.m.


Bulletin from the President – September 1, 2019