CFRW President
Gail Schubot
Dear CFRW friends:

Happy New Year to all. What follows are some notes about what is happening in January affecting our club, and if this communication proves effective, I would like you to be able to look forward to a similar email at the beginning of future months. TFRW only requires that a formal newsletter be published quarterly, and we will be reducing the number of issues of our publication while communicating through our website and emails such as this to fill in the gaps and apprise you of current information.

Thank you again to all who attended our December 16 Christmas party and Installation ceremony. As you witnessed, it was nearly “standing room only” as we filled all tables. What a credit to Barbara and Suzanne and all those who were responsible for the event. Senator Bettencourt added inspiration as well as some levity to our gathering with his comments. Who couldn’t help but be excited about the new year as the evening closed. James did a fabulous job providing great music, and guests were very excited with the dinner, drawings and festive venue in general.

To Barbara, we can’t thank you enough for your leadership and care for our entire membership these past two years. And to all who served as an officer and chaired a committee, thank you for maintaining the strength and vitality of our club. On behalf of your new board of officers and chairpersons, we will strive to maintain and grow CFRW from the legacy you have given us. We had an excellent “transition meeting” on December 11, and I am aware that many of our outgoing and incoming leaders have been meeting since then to share further information and guidance as we all assume new roles.

There are lots of important dates to circle on your fresh, new calendars for January 2019:

January 15: Our CFRW membership luncheon at Hearthstone Country Club beginning at 10:30 a.m. and with speaker Mark Jones of the Baker Institute at Rice University. What a way to begin the year! – Be sure to get your reservations in. (Notice this is one week later than our standard “second-Tuesday-of-the-month” due to many members traveling to Austin.)

January 24: The CFRW board meets from 11-1 at Hearthstone with all members welcome to attend. This is an important meeting as we will be establishing our club’s annual budget which will then be presented to the membership for approval at the February membership

luncheon. All officers and committee chairs should attend in order to have a say on their particular portion of the budget and to help us estimate both revenues and expenses.

Other key dates:

January 8: The swearing-in of and commencement of the Texas Legislature in Austin

January 10-12: TFRW quarterly meeting in Austin

January 15: The Texas Gubernatorial Inauguration in Austin

January 16-17: NFRW Region 5 meeting in New Orleans

February 19: Greater Houston Council’s famous and highly recommended “Nuts and Bolts Workshop” in Houston for all club members taking on new positions with their local clubs.

With respect to these events and other CFRW information, please check our website regularly and watch for additional emails. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact me or another board member.

Last but not least, I would suggest that even as we work on our budget in the upcoming weeks, that we consider the purpose and goals of our club. In that a large part of our mission is to develop, support and elect good Republican candidates, it would seem we have our work cut out for us given the last election. How will we measure success this year and next with respect to this challenge? How will our club’s activities translate into successful campaigns and elections. Where can we increase and build upon our club’s prior efforts? And what do we do as individual members of the club to make it happen? May this be part of our conversation not only now but throughout the year.


Gail Schubot

President, Cy-Fair Republican Women
11602 Pointer Ridge Lane
Cypress, TX 77433

Telephone: 713-306-0507

If there is candidate information in this publication, it is not an endorsement by Cy-Fair Republican Women, the CFRW President or the CFRW Campaign Chair. CFRW’s involvement is to provide candidate information to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice.

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Message from the President – January 2, 2019