All Republican candidates are invited to provide information about upcoming campaign activities and events and we will be happy to publish details. This is not a club endorsement, club president endorsement or campaign chair endorsement, only candidate information to help you make an informed decision and get involved with the candidate of your choice.

Solicitations made by Federal candidates and officeholders at events are limited by Federal law. The Federal candidates and officeholders speaking tonight are soliciting only donations of up to $2,400 from individuals and up to $5,000 from multi-candidate political committees. They are not soliciting donations in any amount from corporations, labor organizations, national banks, Federal contractors, or foreign nationals.
Be sure to keep track of hours spent working for candidates!
Please open form on button below to record your hours and send to my email: 

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​All 2018 hours must be turned in to Pat Baughman.  Please send to 


                                Northwest Headquarters – Harris County Republican Party

In the next few months, it is absolutely essential that our organization help get out the vote for our Republican Candidates. Volunteering at the Northwest Headquarters on Highway 249 (between Louetta Road and Jones Road) is an easy and important way to accomplish this. You can go with a friend 

Caleb Cote' NW Field Representative-Harris County GOP 21542 Ste B State HWY 249 Houston, TX 77070 
 O: 713 234 6428 C: 713 876 8502 

                        Let's make CyFair Republican Women a part of the Republican Victory!