Congress and the State Legislature: Closing Out the 2017 Calendar 

Thank you to all Cy-Fair Republican Women for your attentiveness, initiative and support of our state and federal legislative process during the past year. You were active in electing your state and federal representatives; you helped advance and prioritize policy and offered input as laws were developed; you monitored pending legislation and the underlying issues; you interacted with your representatives and senators and supported NFRW, TFRW and CFRW in our organizational activities in support of important legislation. 

No regular session is calendared for the Texas Legislature in 2018. Unless there is a special session, 2018 is the off-year in the Texas two-year legislative cycle. Prepare for primary elections in the spring and then the general election in the fall for both state and federal candidates. In addition, astute legislators and their supporters know that given all the preparation needed to develop, write and generate knowledge and support for policy and related legislation, they must use 2018 for this work in order to hit the ground running when the Texas Legislature once again convenes in 2019. 

The U.S. Congress remains in session through these first two weeks of December 2017 and with tax reform as their focus. They are scheduled to reconvene on January 3, 2018. As has been reported, there are a number of U.S. Representatives and Senators who do not plan to return to Washington at the end of their current term, and whose seats will need to be filled. In addition, it is expected that a number of legislators seeking reelection will have strong opposition within their own parties during the primaries and then by opposing party candidates in the November 2018 general election. 

All are encouraged to keep abreast of current events and new developments during the holidays. 

Gail Schubot, CFRW Legislative Chair 

November 28, 2017 

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